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What clients say:


“David’s seemingly limitless skills, solid problem-solving abilities, and unhesitating willingness to tackle uncharted territory have made a profound and lasting contribution to NASA’s space program and ground-based research activities. “

Beth A. Cooper, PE, INCE.Bd.Cert., Fellow INCE/USA

NASA Acoustical Engineer and Agency Hearing Conservation Consultant (retired)


“Under the pressure of an rapidly approaching deadline, we were out of ideas to solve a tough sound quality problem on an outdoor power tool project.  David’s deep knowledge of sound quality fundamentals and insightful recommendations allowed us to understand and mitigate the source of the noise and develop several innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to improve the sound quality of the product as well as the user experience”

Erik Jensen, Sr. Product Development Engineer, Outdoor Power Equipment

Blount International



“We used Nelson Acoustics to help us understand our consumers’ reaction to a range of complex noise issues. This study crossed a wide range of cultural and architectural factors. David helped us understand the practical aspects of noise and enabled us to make intelligent business decisions. If you’re looking for a Senior Acoustic Engineer, I can – and do – recommend David as the right resource.”

Global Product Development Engineer – Retail Refrigeration, Fortune 500 Company


“I don’t think we would have figured out that we were not operating in the fan “sweet spot” without your insight, which got us under the noise requirement”.

Mechanical Engineer – Medical Diagnostic Product, Fortune 500 Company


“It was the first time in my long career as a sound and light guy that I felt like someone had put a handle on perceived noise that made sense and was relatable to the real world.”

Product Development Engineer, Theatrical Lighting Products


“I can wholeheartedly recommend David as an acoustical consultant.   He has very deep skills in acoustics as well as several related disciplines, he is very professional, and he never loses sight of the business objective of his client.”

Kent Green, Senior Technical Staff Member, Acoustics/Vibration, IBM


“In my career, I worked with David to address product noise issues as well as customer site installation concerns for networking and IT equipment that are deployed in data centers and networking spaces.   He developed a pragmatic approach for quantifying the products’ acoustic signatures along with recommendations and solutions to reduce product noise emissions. He also helped guide the development and construction of a world class test lab and created its measurement software suite.   He can provide valuable end-to-end solutions for all acoustic needs.”

Herman Chu, Member of Technical Staff, Pi-Coral Inc.


“Our group has worked with David Nelson of Nelson Acoustics on a number of successful projects.  Over the past 15 years, he has delivered some of the highest quality products in filling some of NIOSH’s short term project needs.  His high level of ability, thoroughness and attention to detail have shortened our learning curves and provided turnkey solutions having international impact, potentially reducing U.S. worker’s noise induced hearing loss injuries for decades to come.”

Captain Chuck Hayden, M.S., P.E. (retired)

Research Acoustical Engineer, Division of Applied Research and Technology

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. Public Health Service


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