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Training Seminars: Low-Noise Design

rooftop condensorsGood engineers learn many things at university and at work, but acoustics and noise control is seldom one of them.  Because it involves sound, and most of us can hear, people have a tendency to assume that it’s straightforward.  It isn’t.  So we’ll teach you what you need to know.  Quickly.

Nelson Acoustics tailors training seminars to the specific needs of corporate clients.

A low-noise design seminar might cover:

  • Noise is “designed in” well before prototypes are constructed
  • Input Power vs. Noise Emission for various processes
  • Why you should choosing high efficiency components
  • Fan/Blower selection for lowest noise
  • Effect of component layout
  • Managing the frequency content of noise
  • Noise budgets
  • Radiation from Surfaces
  • Radiation from Openings
  • Measurements to support low-noise design


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