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Sound Quality Analyzer (Application)

Nelson Acoustics teams with Viacoustics to provide turnkey sound and vibration measurement systems that are powerful yet easy to use, flexible to meet a variety of measurement challenges, extensible, and export data into customizable spreadsheets.

Comprehensive sound quality analysis is handled by Sound Quality Analyzer (SQA).  It consumes calibrated audio files (calibration by various means) and computes

  • Zwicker Loudness (ISO 532B)Nelson Acoustics SQA
  • Time-Varying Loudness
  • Proportional Band analysis
  • Narrowband (FFT) analysis
  • Short-time Fourier Analysis
  • Aures Sharpness
  • Roughness
  • Fluctuation
  • Aures Tonality
  • Prominence Ratio
  • Unified Modulation

Sound Quality Analyzer

To get more information, demonstrations or price quotes, please contact Viacoustics.

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