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Special Projects

You’d be amazed the kinds of projects we’ve been involved in.  Wherever there’s a noise, and someone or something to be affected by it, we can help.  It doesn’t matter if it’s weird, unusual, or never been done before.  In fact, we kind of like it that way.

Some examples:

  • Experimental and life-support systems in orbiting spacecraft: effects on crew performance, ramifications for deep-space missions
  • Theatrical lighting instruments: noise interference with live performance, impact on design
  • Sound quality characteristics of consumer products: develop customized psychoacoustic evaluation methods and analytical software
  • Evaluate the impact of fire-suppression gas discharges on operating Hard Disk Drives; develop improved nozzles to keep data centers “up” no matter what
  • Develop a CD of audio demonstrations that simulate speech interference and hearing loss

When no cookbook solution is ready to hand, Nelson Acoustics returns to first principles.  We re-assess a priori assumptions, challenge limiting beliefs, and test unexplored options, in order to deliver an innovative solution and advance the frontiers of noise control.

Space Station Noise
lighting instrument noise
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