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Low-Noise Design

Nelson Acoustics thrives on low-noise design projects that explore uncharted territory and that are tightly integrated with other practical and business factors.

We answer questions like:

  • How does the function of a device relate to its noise emission?
  • Can that function be altered to reduce noise emission, without sacrificing performance?
  • What other practical benefits are realized at the same time?
  • What should the noise emission target be?

Space Station Noise

Our technically advanced specialties come into play:

  • Sound Quality: find out what your end users like or dislike about emitted noise
  • Low-Noise Product Design: apply intrinsically-quiet design principles to your device
  • Fan Noise: move cooling air quietly
  • Gas Flows: reduce noise from industrial gas processes
  • Advanced analysis and signal processing: finding the relevant “needle” in the “haystack” of data.

Example concepts:

  • How much electrical power can be saved and how much noise reduced by switching from axial fans to blowers?
  • Can the performance of the device by increased along with reducing the noise?
  • How much weight can be saved at launch by designing a piece of spaceflight hardware to be intrinsically quiet?
  • How much noise control can you justify by tabulating the cost of noise exposure to workers?
  • How does the noise of an individual server unit relate to overall noise levels in a data center?
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