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Information Technology

IT equipment is a perfect storm for noise emission, and a golden opportunity for noise control.

shutterstock_112274042In data centers and central offices, enormous computing power generates heat that must then be forced out of the device using fans.  Review of many designs by reputable companies reveals that a lot of dB are “left on the table”.  Judicious selection and application of air movers that match the operating conditions produce the least noise and consume the least power.  In most cases the goal is to satisfy NEBS requirements, customer specifications, or (in a data center) OSHA requirements.

Nelson Acoustics can assist you in designing or re-designing a piece of IT equipment for minimum noise and maximum efficiency.

In office or personal applications, electronic devices accompany people at close proximity throughout their everyday lives.  This intimacy requires that the “sound quantity” be low and the “sound quality” be good.

Nelson Acoustics can help you assess your customers’ sound quality requirements and help you design equipment that satisfies them.

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