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Acoustical Test Facilities

Optimized sound fields and extreme levels of isolation are the hallmarks of acoustical test facilities.  Vibration and airborne sound isolation must be incorporated in early design phases.   Sound wants to travel between the outside world, host building, building services, test facility, support equipment, and even between portions of the test facility (e.g., sound transmission loss test).   Depending on the nature of the test and what is being tested, Nelson Acoustics can identify both the requirements and the construction details to enable success.

Test facilities benefit from dedicated measurement systems that

  • are easy to use, manage, and understand,
  • have an intuitive user interface
  • tackle repetitive and/or complex analyses
  • are customized for each lab’s peculiarities
  • seamlessly export data in preferred formats

Nelson Acoustics provides consulting services for design, testing, instrumenting, troubleshooting, and retrofitting acoustical test facilities.

Anechoic and Hemi-Anechoic Chambers

Combustion Integrated Rack (CIR) in the Acoustical Testing Laboratory (ATL) at NASA Glenn Research Center, pictured with esteemed colleagues.  Nelson Acoustics designed the ATL and acoustic test software.

Reverberation Chambers

Analysis to support pure tone qualification of a reverberation chamber

Free-Field Rooms

Impulse response testing goes beyond the typical standard room qualification procedures.  The relative response of each microphone location can be estimated, both in magnitude and phase.  

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