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Training Seminars: Fan Noise

Server Tray FansNelson Acoustics has extensive experience in managing and controlling fan noise through careful testing and system design principles to achieve low noise and high energy efficiency.

And we’ll teach you what we’ve been studying for 30 years.  Quickly.

A fan noise seminar might cover:

  • Using early project constraints for noise, power consumption, and speed to select fans or blowers
  • Finding fan noise data
  • Measuring fan noise emission
  • Noise emission vs. air mover type
  • Noise emission vs. operating point
  • Ideal diameter for a given design
  • Energy savings and noise reduction go hand in hand
  • Installation effects: inlets, turns, turbulence
  • Arrays and stacks of fans
  • Motor tones
  • Bladepass tones
  • Bearing noise
  • Measurements to support fan selection and low-noise operation
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