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Training Seminars: Sound Quality

Acoustics is a subset of physics.  Noise control is a subset of acoustics.  Yes, sound quality is a subset of noise control.  You’re venturing into an obscure corner of the world, but once there you’ve realize how the design of many of the products and machines you use on an everyday basis are influenced by this discipline.

We’ve spent 30 years learning about and applying sound quality.  We’ll teach you about it, quickly and in a way that’s designed to let you apply it immediately.
A sound quality seminar might include:

  • fan tray noiseHuman hearing and auditory processing
  • General trends, what affects annoyance
  • Practical effects, what leads to task interference
  • Psychoacoustic metrics: loudness, sharpness, roughness, fluctuation, modulation, tonality
  • Sound Quality metrics as engineering criteria
  • Perceptual evaluations leading to Preference Models
  • Anchoring models to find “good enough”.
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