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Machinery and Equipment

Commercial CoolerA vanishingly small percentage of mechanical input power is emitted as noise.  Human ears are so sensitive, however, that this can still be a problem.

  • Hearing conservation concerns are relevant for industrial equipment.
  • Building services equipment (e.g., HVAC) must take into account typical installation in commercial buildings, where the concerns are usually related to speech intelligibility.  More stringent criteria are applied for residences, hospitals, and hotels where sleep is important.
  • Environmental noise concerns affect outdoor equipment (e.g., cooling towers).  Numerous and sometimes conflicting noise limits arise from a number of sources: state, county, local, and engineering specifications.

condensor noiseNelson Acoustics promotes “intrinsically quiet” design.  The unit does its job, better tuned to the task, more quietly and without loss of power.  A competitor peeking under the hood may find little or none of the expected noise control materials, making it that much harder to “learn from” your technology.




Saw Blade NoiseFan-cooled devices and industrial saws are just two areas in which more noise control is achievable through “intrinsically quiet” design than by conventional means.


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