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Environmental Noise: Planning

Noise is pollution.  It’s that simple.  There’s no excuse for not doing “due diligence” to mitigate the impact of noise on neighbors.

The sound of a factory, a music venue, or a power plant is “normal” to the owner.  In fact, it’s the sound of money being made, jobs being provided, customers being satisfied, and fun being had.  So what could be wrong with that?

cooling towers and stacks
industrial blower

Over in the neighborhood, some community members may associate the sound from your facility with lost sleep, invasion of privacy,  loss of liberty, lowered real estate values, health problems, and the general idea that you’re an awful person.

In the meantime, there are attorneys willing to take up both sides of the issue and collectively bill hundreds of thousands of dollars arguing about it.

The solution, and my highest recommendation, is DUE DILIGENCE.  Do not trust the future or profitability of your business to a “sound guy” or a smartphone app.  Upset neighbors require 5-10 dB more noise control to appease, and every dB costs exponentially more than the last.  A noise control professional can help you manage your risk and be a good neighbor.

Nelson Acoustics provides acoustical consulting services to evaluate or estimate current and future noise emission, select an appropriate criterion, recommend construction and operational practices to reduce the impact, and document the results.

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