Nelson Acoustics Software for Hearing Research

Nelson Acoustics teams with Viacoustics to provide turnkey sound and vibration measurement systems that are powerful yet easy to use, flexible to meet a variety of measurement challenges, extensible, and export data into customizable spreadsheets.

We’ve developed a number of software applications¬†for use in Hearing Conservation. ¬†To get more information, demonstrations or price quotes, please contact Viacoustics.

  • REAT Plus: Advanced evaluation of hearing protectors using the Real Ear Auditory Threshold method (ANSI S12.6)
  • IPILA: Evaluation of hearing protectors at high sound levels using the shock tube method (ANSI S12.42)
  • IPILA IR: Evaluation of hearing protectors using impulse responses generated by means of continuous, pseudo-random noise.
  • Audiometric Research Tool: a highly-configurable audiometer designed for hearing research professionals.
Nelson Acoustics ART


Nelson Acoustics REATMaster