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Noise Control Short Courses

By November 16, 2022General

This year I’ve had the privilege of delivering customized noise control short courses.  Topics include fan noise in forced air cooling, low-noise product design, environmental noise, and industrial noise.  

These seminars lasted anywhere from 1 hour to 2-½ days.  The formats ranged from in-person to hybrid and fully online, based on the clients needs and/or constraints.  Some  included acoustic fundamentals to clarify vocabulary and to dispel myths and misunderstandings.  The seminars impart insight and practical information that you’d likely never learn even in graduate school, using math no higher than logarithms.  

  • Learn what you need to learn…
  • Learn from a pro…
  • Learn it right the first time…
  • Learn at the speed, place, and time that suits your team…
  • Get everybody on the same page
  • Dispel myths, misunderstandings, and magical thinking
  • It’s NOT black magic

For the future I am planning a pivot towards an online training resource called  Many of the basic and more popular presentations will be available there for individuals, on demand.      

Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, let me know about your interest in noise control training seminars:

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